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Our awards & how they benefit you!

Our 70 Gold awards, 3000 5 star Google & Trustpilot reviews & agent testimonials mean you no longer have to gamble thousands of pounds with our competitors who last year failed to move 300,000 cases. That’s 37% failed transactions last year compared to our record 95% moving rate.

We’ve pretty much got it all because we want to give you our all.  By investing more profit back into our client and conveyancing systems than any other firm, we move more clients, faster, safer and with more certainty than any of our competitors.

Awards keep good lawyers on their toes and is one of the most important factors when choosing your conveyancer.

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Awards give you 4 reassurances: 

1/ Reliability and Efficiency: The more awards received the more likely the firm will have developed streamlined processes, effective communication to reduce the chances of delays or complications that lead to failed moves.

2/ Expertise and Problem-Solving Abilities: Conveyancing awards acknowledge conveyancers who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and problem-solving skills to prevent roadblocks or overcome hurdles such complex legal issues or unexpected challenges than can arise during the transaction process.

3/ Customer Satisfaction-More Prioritisation: Conveyancers with several customer service awards have a proven track record of satisfied clients and are more likely to prioritise client needs, communicate effectively, and increase their clients’ chances of moving. Hence why we move 95% of clients compared to 37% who fail elsewhere. 

4/ Better Reputation – Smoother Transactions: Conveyancing awards contribute to a lawyers professional reputation and standing with those involved in the transaction, such as estate agents, mortgage lenders, and the other party lawyers. These connections can facilitate smoother communication and cooperation, further enhancing the chances of a successful move. That’s also why we move 95% of clients compared to 37% failing with others.